Monday, May 24, 2010

Where is the Love?

The Veterans Rally and March to the May 18, 2010 Mecklenburg County Commissioners Meeting was impressive. Veterans from all over Mecklenburg, Catawba, Cabarrus, Union and York County were in attendance and "fired up"! Most of them concerned for their sons and daughters currently serving their country. Access to earned military benefits and services are important. We must always support our military veterans active, inactive, retired etc. They are the reason many of us sleep without worry of foreign or domestic invasion.

I got a chance to speak to everyone who attended the event one-on-one, in small gatherings and in an informal address to the entire crowd. My message to the crowd was simple. As the State Senator for District 38, I would never vote for a budget which involves a cut or elimination of veterans services locations. It doesn't makes sense and our current leaders, both Republican and Democrat, should be embarrassed such recommendations even entered the discussion!

Cory Thompson (Mecklenburg County Commissioner Candidate) and Cal Cunningham (US Senate Candidate) made comments after my address.

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Scott is a life-long North Carolina resident, born and raised in Concord; he graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in Political Science in 1999 from Mars Hill College, although his zeal for public service did not begin there. “I learned at a young age that leadership and service would always be one of those things I couldn’t say no to,” remarks Scott as he reminisces about his early years in high school as Student Body President, and a leader on the football field. He mimicked these roles as he moved to college, taking seriously his place in student government, his place on the football field, and his place in the classroom. After college Scott remained in Asheville for nearly three years gaining valuable experience as a public servant.

Since 2002 when Scott returned to Charlotte, this candidacy will be his first attempt at building his identity in public service within his community. “I am proud of my community; these are good, hard-working people who--for too long--have been denied their voice; this is their right and--above all else--this will be my job,” says Scott on his hopeful election to NC State Senate for District 38.

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Cedric Scott plans to represent Mecklenburg County in the NC State Senate District 38 in the November 2, 2010 election. He seeks to represent citizens who are currently disenfranchised and in need of the basic necessities for survival, from careers to healthcare. Scott’s background includes economic development and leadership experience from his work as Assistant Treasurer of Advantage West-North Carolina. He also assisted NC Supreme Court Justice Henry Frye and NC State Auditor Ralph Campbell in the 2000 Election with community outreach and campaign events in Western North Carolina. More recently, Scott’s experience in the mortgage finance industry has given him a unique perspective into the crisis that’s facing many of the citizens of Mecklenburg County. He notes, “My familiarity with mortgages and this housing crisis is just one aspect of who I am---it is just a single part of what I have to offer my community.” Scott is a life-long North Carolina resident, born and raised in Concord; he graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in Political Science in 1999 from Mars Hill College.